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Liquid MDI based Pre-polymer for re-bonded foam and Rebonded Rubber

MDI based Pre-polymer also known As MDI based Liquid Binder is a kind of an adhesive used for recycling foam and rubber scrap.

It is the polymeric from polyether polyol and isocyanate having a strong adhesive force with the rags of Polyurethane Foam or small pieces of Rubber scrap. It is the professional MDI based adhesive for every high-low density renewable foams and rubber.

Atlas’s MDI Binder is a single pack speed adjustable, easy to use and non-toxic liquid binder made from high quality raw materials and pure MDI

The binder of the present invention can be applied in venation can be applied in various foams hence at Atlas. We have formulated Binders for different applications.

This category of MDI Bases Binders are primarily used for rebounding of Polyurethane Foam , which in turn is used in various products and Industries such as automotive seating, construction and flooring and carpeting mats, bedding and furniture production etc.
Our Binder is targeted for binding recycled Rubber. MDI based Binder specially Formulated for binding EPDM and SBR rubber crumbs. The mixture of binder and crumbed Rubber is suitable for production of finished goods such as:

• Molded Rubber Tiles, Outdoor carpets, Door Mats

• Safety Surfaces, Synthetic Surfaces Safety Playground

• Pour in Place Application, Parking Blocks, Speed Bumps

• Running Tracks

We have also now developed a one component Polyurethane MDI Based Binder for Binding Recycled Wooden Particles and Mulch. The finish product of this can be further used to Create:-

• Cork And Cork Board

• Particles , MDF & Recycled Wood Board

We can also create a special formulation for Binder required for more specific and Customize applications Such as:-

• Binder for surface dressing

• Binder for Non Skid flooring Etc.

Specifications for MDI BINDER
NCO Content
- Brownish Yellow
- Liquid Form
- Non Objectionable (Aromatic)
- 1.1 ± 0.05 Kgs per Kg
- 250 secs in B4 Cup.
- 17.5 – 18.5 %

Available Packaging : 200 Ltr Drums .

Advantages of MDI BINDER
  • NEOSOL’s MDI BINDER is available in different grades to achieve varied strength properties
  • NEOSOL’s MDI BINDER is suitable for a wide range of products and applications like rebonded foam, rebonded rubber etc
  • NEOSOL’s MDI BINDER can be applied in any way known to those skilled in the art of preparing re-bonded foam either in a stream or as an aerosol